Figure 1.

Source: Euromonitor, 2019.

Table 1. All Health and Wellness (except Free From and General Wellbeing).

Source: Euromonitor 2019. Top 11 market: Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, UK, USA

A. Energy Boosting and Digestive Health are the rising stars

  • Out of the five functional benefits we can back up with scientific research, Energy Boosting seems to be the most promising one in terms of the current size and future growth potential.
  • The runner-up is Digestive Health with promising growth backed by increasing consumer interest in the subject.

B. Weight Management is there to stay

Weight management, in spite of showing signs of saturation and a relative decline in market size compared to other categories, it is the largest today and will continue to be so in the forecast period.

C. The benefits are interconnected…

… and all are part of a holistic wellbeing approach

There will always be a place for nuts and dried fruits on the quest for a holistic wellbeing as a preventive and natural offer.

D. Immunity starts to matter more to consumers in the era of a new post-COVID-19 normality

  • The COVID-19 pandemic is very likely to intensify people’s focus on their health.
  • Research shows that immunity will be one of the key benefits that the consumers worldwide will be looking for.
  • Many brands from the food and drink sector have started to explore this territory to take advantage of this new need.

This territory is likely to represent an important opportunity starting in 2020 and onwards.

In a nutshell, successful communication must start with having a clear understanding of the consumer and for the nut and dried fruit industry, there is a wide array of benefits that lead to various communication areas. Lastly, in order to understand which territories will provide the maximum benefits and provide the most successful communication, it is vital to be able to evaluate the potential of different areas in your markets using some of the tools explained in this course.