The supply value is estimated as the tree nut and dried fruit production per its unitary monthly price averaged annually (customs paid upon arrival in Europe).

In 2020/21, tree nuts added up over 38 billion dollars, up 80% compared to 2010/11.

Dried fruit supply value totaled 7.92 billion dollars in 2020/21; 14% up from 2010/11 (Figure 22).

The supply value of pistachios, almonds, walnuts and cashews are the highest among tree nuts. Pistachios along with macadamias experienced the greatest increment over ten years ago: 147% and 137% respectively (Figure 23).

Historically, dried grapes and table dates showed the highest supply values. Dried figs and table dates showed the biggest rise compared to 2010/11 (61% and 22%, respectively) (Figure 24).

On average, almonds and dried grapes had the highest supply value over the last decade (2010/11-2020/21); 7.15 and 2.76 billion dollars, respectively.