2.4. Hazelnuts


As discussed during the INC Congress Hazelnut Round Table, over the last few years, supply has increased and Tu00fcrkiye has consistently performed at 700-800,000 MT. Preliminary forecasted at 760,000 MT (in-shell basis), production in season 2022/23 is anticipated to remain within this range, but below the bumper crop of 2021/22.

Although there has not been a significant raise in acreage, productivity is growing owing to improved farming practices. Kernel sizes and quality are also improving and kernel yields are now at 51-52%.

According to the Black Sea Exporters Association, shipments 2021/22 year to date through April 30 added up to 269,200 MT and industry expectations for this season are to reach 330,000 MT.


Following a very low off crop last year, Italian production is recovering. With a potential of 160,000 MT, the 2022/23 crop is preliminary forecasted slightly below, at 140,000 MT, due to a severe drought affecting the Piedmont production region since last October. Water availability was good in the central and southern producing areas.

Hazelnut production keeps increasing in Italy. Up to 20,000 hectares of new orchards were planted over the last five years. These new orchards are located in good areas with adequate water availability, efficient fertirrigation systems, and hence high yields. Organic production has also been growing very steadily and it currently represents 17.5% of the total crop.


The total planted area in Oregon is approaching 100,000 acres (40,500 hectares). While the old heritage varieties area continues to decrease, the stock planted from 2007 through 2016 with new varieties, around one third of the planted area, is significantly contributing to build the crop number. The last third are the non-bearing trees planted between 2016 and now. Based on this acreage and taking into account unpredictable weather conditions and the inflation adding pressure for growers, the 2022/23 season is preliminary forecasted to set a new record of 74,000 MT.

Hazelnuts Round Table

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