5.3. World Cashew Exports and Imports

Cashews were mainly exported by Vietnam, which averaged 41% of the world share from 2018 to 2022. Cu00f4te d’Ivoire and India followed with 9% and 7% each (Table 3).


Both Viet Nam and India, as well as being among the top world producers, also have a huge capacity to process (and then re-export) in-shell cashew nuts imported from Western and Eastern African producers.


Over the last few years, the processing capacity has been increasing in  Africa, and some producing countries (e.g. Cu00f4te d’Ivoire) are becoming relevant shelled cashew  exporters as well (Table 3).


Owing to the flow of raw cashew nuts from Africa, India and Viet Nam were  the world top importers importers. With 17% of the total share, the USA is the top market for shelled cashews (Table 3).

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