8.1. World Tree Nut Consumption

World tree nut consumption increased significantly over the 2009-2019 period; it rose by 73%, reaching over 4.5 million MT (Figure 28).

Almonds ranked first as the most consumed tree nut on average (2015-2019); reaching over 1.2 million MT, followed by walnuts (ca. 827,000 MT), cashews (ca. 756,000 MT), pistachios (ca. 639,000 MT), hazelnuts (ca. 474,000 MT) and pecans (ca. 133,000 MT). Macadamia, Brazil nut and pine nut consumption ranged approximately between 25,000 MT and 53,000 MT (Figure 29).

According to the 5-year average (2015-2019), Europe was the biggest consumer of tree nuts, accounting for 27% of the world share.

Asia was the second top consumer, amounting to 24%. North America and the Middle East added to 22% and 12% respectively, followed by Africa (10%), Latin America and Oceania (Figure 30).