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Consumption Trends in the Nut & Dried Fruit Industry

Chaired by Mr. Pratap Nair, Chairman of the INC Ambassadors Committee, the session will be led by Núria Moreno, the Global Director of OOH from Kantar, a leading market research company and Alfonso Marian, President of Ogilvy Spain and former Chief Creative Officer Ogilvy USA, a leading marketing agency. This webinar will discuss the current […]

Negotiation in Times of Crisis Webinar

Presented by Prof. Dr. Kandarp Mehta, the Negotiation in Times of Crisis masterclass explores the main principles of crisis negotiation and how they relate to the COVID-19 pandemic. The current COVID-19 pandemic has put us all in an unprecedented situation and almost all professional negotiations have been affected by the crisis. Negotiation is an essential […]

Shipping Challenges in a COVID-19 World, an Interview with MSC

During this master class, the INC interviews MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company Trade Manager, Corrado Carosella, about the impact the pandemic is having on global container shipping. We will discuss the current state of the shipping industry and the prospects for the future. How container shipping services have been impacted by COVID-19? What has triggered shipping […]

Introduction to the INC Contract

  The “Introduction to the INC Contract” presents the new short-form contract that the INC has prepared. Contracts are an integral and necessary component of the nut and dried fruit industry. Upholding contractual agreements are what gives confidence and trust to the industry and they are even more crucial given the current global health crisis.

Mitigating Risks and Protecting Your Company’s Reputation in 2021

A company’s brand and reputation needs to be actively managed like any other business asset. We know that a reputational crisis can impact revenue, profit, balance sheet resilience, share price and stakeholder trust. In this session, we will share cutting edge research that describes the financial impact of crisis events, supported by industry case studies, […]