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INC Academia

The INC Academia is the online learning platform for the nut and dried fruit sector, where industry leaders are shaped. The learning tool provides an overview and deeper look into various aspects of the nut and dried fruit industry, making it great for those who are new to the industry, and also those seasoned veterans of nuts and dried fruits.


The leading and best education for the nut and dried fruit industry.


Online learning at your own pace from authors at the world’s most prestigious institutions.


Get to know the ins and outs of the nut and dried fruit industry all in one place.


Become certified by the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council at the end of the course.


The opportunity to network and gather with peers during the on-site course


See the beginnings of the INC Academia

INC Academia First Edition On-site Course, Sevilla, Spain 2018

The INC Academia was created in 2018 by the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council (INC) as a way to promote and encourage education within the nut and dried fruit industry. Once it was officially launched, it became the first educational program devoted solely to nuts and dried fruits.

When the first edition of the INC Academia was launched, it consisted of 10 courses, providing the basics of the industry, and an intensive on-site course. Through the various editions, the project has continued to grow and adapt to the various needs of its students. Over the years, new courses have been created and added to expand the knowledge provided.

At the start of the 3rd edition in 2020, the world entered one of the most chaotic periods in recent years with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

INC Academia Second Edition On-Site Course, California, USA 2019

The INC was forced to quickly adapt the INC Academia to be able to continuously meet the needs of students, and while for two years, the on-site course was unable to take place, in 2022, it is finally returning. 

During the 4th edition in 2021, the INC created two separate tracks with new courses, allowing students to personalize their program and given the success of desire for new material, the 5th edition, in 2022, was created with even more new material, and now 2 complete programs for students to choose from. The 5th edition represents the most in-depth renovation of the INC Academia since its inception in 2018.  

To date, nearly 200 individuals have taken part in the INC Academia and have taken the first step in deepening their knowledge of the nut and dried fruit industry. Will you be next?


See what past students are saying about the INC Academia

Hemanta Kumar Banka
Hemanta Kumar Banka HBG Trading PTE LTD
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The INC Academia´s operations strategy and negotiations classes were really good. I feel they add a lot of value to the course.
Aishwarya Bhatia
Aishwarya BhatiaCalifornia Agri Nuts Corporation
Read More
I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the industry, meet new people, network and have a completely great experience.
Andreas Pasek
Andreas PasekMWT Foods
Read More
When you are on the on-site course you get to see everything in real life. It's great to experience it and put into practice what you've read and learned.
Jasvinder Sethi
Jasvinder SethiNamagro
Read More
It provides fantastic information right from growing, to processing, to harvesting, marketing and negotiation which for me was one of the key highlights.
Vania Van Hove
Vania Van HoveMolenbergnatie
Read More
On the course you learn all about different types of nuts and dried fruits: the soil, the climate, biology, botany… Everything!
Sahar Nakhaei
Sahar NakhaeiIran Pistachio Association
Read More
The on-site program was very helpful and we visited different processing plants and different parts of the industry.
Kristoffer Dahlinger
Kristoffer Dahlinger
Read More
One of the best aspects about the INC Academia is the diversity of themes its program offers. It also gives an in-depth overview of the nuts and dried fruits sector.
Joren Groot
Joren GrootNutland
Read More
The Program provided a wider understanding of the nuts and dried fruits business. It provided information on the background of the products, preparations and market trends.
Antonio Pont Borrás
Antonio Pont Borrás
Read More
The Executive Program on Nuts and Dried Fruits was very enjoyable, especially the variety of information and different insights that it offered. The content is really detailed and gives a very broad approach to the topics.


Join the INC Academia and escalate your professional development within the industry all on your own terms.

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Our Mission: To stimulate and facilitate sustainable growth in the global Nut and Dried Fruit Industry.

Our Vision: To be the international source for information on Nuts and Dried Fruits for Health, Nutrition, Statistics, Food Safety, Government Standards and Regulations regarding Trade Barriers and Agricultural Quality Standards.

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The dynamic expansion of the edible nut industry crystallized in 1980 with the First World Tree Nut Congress in Reus, Spain, which celebrated the first large international gathering of business people of this sector with the objective of standardising criteria and uniting efforts in the task of promoting and improving their professional work.

In 1982 the second World Tree Nut Congress took place in Sorrento, Italy, and in 1983 the third one was held in Sacramento, USA.

With the aim of giving continuity to these meetings and providing some institutional strength to the defence and development of common interests, various representatives of world-renowned edible nut companies met in Paris on 24th January 1983. From this meeting emerged the decision to formally constitute an association of an international character: INC – International Nut and Dried Fruit Council.

The Foundation of the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council

Further to the recommendations passed during the 2nd International World Tree Nut Congress in Sorrento in 1982, a working party was convened and arrived unanimously at the following conclusions:

It was decided to establish a professional body entitled INC-CIFS (International Tree Nut Council – Conseil International des Fruits Secs – Consejo Internacional de Frutos Secos – Consiglio International della Frutta Secca)

The aims and objectives were broadly defined as follows:

Membership would be open to anyone engaged in the nut and dried fruit trade, producers, distributors, and consumers.

Specialist sub-committees would be formed as deemed necessary.
Members joining before December 31,1983 will be treated as founders.

The first founder-members of INC-CIFS provisionally elected the following officers:

President: Antonio PONT
Vice-President: Chris HACKING
Secretary/Treasurer: Hubert BERREBI
  • Mr. Simon KHAYAT, France
  • Mr. Pino CALCAGNI, Italy
  • Mr. Chris HACKING, London
  • Mr. Hans RAMSEIER, Switzerland
  • Mr. Paul GRAF, Switzerland
  • Mr. DEGLER, Germany
  • Mr. Antonio PONT, Spain
  • Mr. Hubert BERREBI, France



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