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The INC Academia is the best education for the nut and dried fruit industry. Also, this edition features 2 programs that students can partake in for a more personalized learning experience.

Basic Program on Nuts & Dried Fruits


Covering the fundamentals making this program ideal for anyone who is new to the sector.

Advanced Program on Nuts and Dried Fruits


Opening up the business side of the sector and highlighting some of the most pressing topics.

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See what past students are saying about the INC Academia

Amy Hochderffer
Amy HochderfferCarriere Family Farms
Read More
After 29 years in this industry, you tend to think you can't learn anything more, but then you do. My favorite part of this was the colleagues I got to meet.
Inés Llop
Inés LlopFrutos Secos Ramón Llop
Read More
I think the INC Academia is a great source of knowledge that I wouldn't have gotten if I didn't enroll. It is a great way to learn no matter the years you've been in the industry.
Andrew Waddell
Andrew WaddellStahmann Webster
Read More
I really got a lot out of the Academia. It was a great experience and I met a lot of people who knew a lot about different things than I already knew.
Bobby McCuan
Bobby McCuanBlue Diamond Almonds
Read More
I highly recommend the INC Academia Program. Not only are you going to get a well-rounded program online but also an excellence experience.
Josh Enos
Josh EnosCarriere Family Farms
Read More
I would highly recommend anyone thinking about applying to the INC Academia. Whether you're new to or have been in the industry, you'll take away valuable information.
Luis Alted Hurtado
Luis Alted HurtadoSistema Azud, S.A.
Read More
In my opinion the INC Academia gives you all the knowledge, experience, and networking that maybe you need to spend many years to get all in one week.
Hemanta Kumar Banka
Hemanta Kumar Banka HBG Trading PTE LTD
Read More
The INC Academia´s operations strategy and negotiations classes were really good. I feel they add a lot of value to the course.
Aishwarya Bhatia
Aishwarya BhatiaCalifornia Agri Nuts Corporation
Read More
I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the industry, meet new people, network and have a completely great experience.
Andreas Pasek
Andreas PasekMWT Foods
Read More
When you are on the on-site course you get to see everything in real life. It's great to experience it and put into practice what you've read and learned.
Jasvinder Sethi
Jasvinder SethiNamagro
Read More
It provides fantastic information right from growing, to processing, to harvesting, marketing and negotiation which for me was one of the key highlights.
Vania Van Hove
Vania Van HoveMolenbergnatie
Read More
On the course you learn all about different types of nuts and dried fruits: the soil, the climate, biology, botany… Everything!
Sahar Nakhaei
Sahar NakhaeiIran Pistachio Association
Read More
The on-site program was very helpful and we visited different processing plants and different parts of the industry.
Kristoffer Dahlinger
Kristoffer DahlingerATCO
Read More
One of the best aspects about the INC Academia is the diversity of themes its program offers. It also gives an in-depth overview of the nuts and dried fruits sector.
Joren Groot
Joren GrootNutland
Read More
The Program provided a wider understanding of the nuts and dried fruits business. It provided information on the background of the products, preparations and market trends.
Antonio Pont Borrás
Antonio Pont Borrás
Read More
The Executive Program on Nuts and Dried Fruits was very enjoyable, especially the variety of information and different insights that it offered. The content is really detailed and gives a very broad approach to the topics.
Mark Westphal
Mark WestphalManaging Director, Granule Mauritius Ltd.
Read More
Good coverage about the nuts and dried fruit industry. Yes, I would recommend the program.
Maria Soler Leon
Maria Soler LeonArea Manager – Nuts, Multiscan Technologies
Read More
Very useful and interesting material. I really enjoyed the negotiation webinar. The possibility to set my own pace of learning according to my availability is something I liked and one of the many reasons why I would recommend this course.
Michael Levitski
Michael LevitskiSenior Supply Chain Coordinator, MWT Foods Pty Ltd
Read More
I liked the broad range of topics covered and would recommend the negotiation section especially to anyone in any field.
Frédéric Gnonlonfoun
Frédéric GnonlonfounProcessing Manager, Technoserve
Read More
The program encompasses a lot of useful topics and gives crucial information on each of them.


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