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On-site Technical Visit on Nuts & Dried Fruits

Are you eager to dive deep into the world of nuts and dried fruits? Look no further! Our specialized On-Site Technical visit offers a comprehensive learning experience across the entire supply chain. Tailored to professionals and enthusiasts alike, the visit will equip you with further knowledge and skills and share the latest innovations of this dynamic industry.
Advanced Program on Nuts and Dried Fruits

Tailored to the seasoned or prospective manager, students will complete the 11 courses, written by top experts and learn the business side of the nut and dried fruit industry. This program includes an optional on-site course.

online courses

01 Retail Packing and Allergen Management

02 Contaminant Detection and Allergen Management

03 International Market Opportunities

04 Cross-cultural Negotiations

05 Risk and Insurance

06 Maritime Logistics

07 International Commercial Terms

08 INC Contract

09 Payment Terms

10 Arbitration Rules

11 Holistic Approach to Sustainability

Advanced Program on Nuts and Dried Fruits

Tailored to the seasoned or prospective manager, students will complete the 11 courses, written by top experts
and learn the business side of the nut and dried fruit industry.

From May 2 to 5

4 days experience

Program given in English

Official Certification by the INC

On-site Course

INC Members can learn with hands-on projects and materials

Details of the Program

Gain an invaluable experience by networking with like-minded peers and learn top experts with our hands-on case studies! But remember, you must have completed all the online courses in the Advanced Program on Nuts & Dried Fruits to attend the on-site course. The on-site course consists of a 4-day expansive experience with insightful visits. This part of the INC Academia is exclusively for INC Members.

On-site Technical Visit

This year’s unmissable 4-day program unfolds in the breathtaking landscape of California from May 2-5, 2024, right before the INC Congress in Vancouver.

Details of the Program

The 2024 INC Academia On-site Technical Visit offers an up-close look at California’s Central Valley. By visiting orchards, processing plants and more, we will learn first-hand what makes this quintessential producing region tick.

The program promises to provide insight into the entire supply chain. Confirmed visits include Wonderful Pistachios, Sun-Maid Growers of California, The Hulling Company, Qcify, Almond Board of California’s Salida Almond Variety Trial, Land IQ, Pomona Farming, Diamond Foods, the California Walnut Commission & Board, and TOMRA.

To see all the details of this fantastic course see below. 

On-site Technical Visit Preliminary Schedule

View the preliminary program for the on-site technical visit

Thu, May 2, California

Registration and welcome

Bus transfer from hotel

Wonderful Pistachios: Orchard, processing plant and master class on marketing 


Bus transfer

Sun-Maid Growers of California: Vineyard and processing plant 

Bus transfer to hotel

Free time for own dinner arrangements

Overnight in Fresno

Fri, May 3, California

Bus transfer from hotel

The Hulling Company: Processing plant

Qcify: Machinery demo  

Bus transfer


Bus transfer

Almond Board of California: Salida Regional Almond Variety Trial          

Bus transfer to hotel

Free time for own dinner arrangements

Overnight in Stockton

Sat, May 4, California

Bus transfer from hotel

Diamond Foods: Processing plant  


Bus transfer

Pomona Farming: Orchard 

Bus transfer to hotel

California Walnut Commission & Board: Master class on market development activities by Robert Verloop

Cocktail & dinner

Overnight in Sacramento

Sun, May 5, California

Bus transfer from hotel

TOMRA Sorting: Machinery demo 

End of the course

May 7, Vancouver, BC

Networking session with alumni

Presentation of certificates for 2024 students

The On-site Technical Visit is open to students of the INC Academia Advanced Full Course, INC Academia Alumni, and participants of the INC Congress in Vancouver. The fee for the On-site Technical Visit includes networking sessions and site visits inclusive of transportation, lunches and refreshments, one evening dinner, course materials, and a certificate of attendance. Accommodation and transportation to and from the event, as well as dinner on the first and second evenings, are not included. Hotel recommendations for the visit will be sent to registered participants soon.

Please note that to safeguard the businesses involved in the program of INC On-site Technical Tour, individual companies reserve the right to deny admission to any person.


On-site Technical Visit

Sun-Maid Growers of California

Vineyard and processing plant 

Sun-Maid Growers of California has a rich history that stretches back more than 110 years. A farmers’ cooperative, Sun-Maid is privately owned by hundreds of grower families who farm…

Almond Board of California

Salida Regional Almond Variety Trial   

The Almond Board of California (ABC), a non-profit established in 1950, is dedicated to representing and advancing the interests of the state’s almond growers and processors…

Diamond Foods

Processing plant  

Diamond Foods is a global leader in culinary nuts proudly participating in the branded retail, food service, ingredient and international markets. The company’s long history dates back to 1912, when a group of walnut growers…

Pomona Farming


Pomona Farming is a multilateral agricultural enterprise committed to sustainable farming practices with a strong focus on delivering outcomes that yield nutritious and clean food. Their regenerative farming practices…

TOMRA Sorting

Machinery demo 

TOMRA is excited to support the nuts and dried fruit industry by hosting the 2024 INC Academia class at its modern facility in West Sacramento. Participants in this program will get a hands-on learning experience with TOMRA’s…


Machinery demo

At the Qcify showcase, attendees can explore the latest advancements in quality control automation and data analytics. The mobile demo trailer will feature demonstrations of Qcify’s lab environment and in-line quality control system…


Processing plant

For over 25 years, The Almond Company has been marketing almonds for the Harris Family and their valued growers. Processing over 100 million pounds of almonds, The Almond Company has positioned…

Port of Felixstowe

UK’s busiest container port

Attendees will have the unique chance to visit the Port of Felixstowe, the United Kingdom’s busiest container port, dealing with 48% of Britain’s containerised trade.


multinational plant equipment manufacturer

Billions of people come into contact with Bühler technologies to cover their basic needs for food and mobility every day. During your visit to the Bühler office in London, you will experience the science of nut optical sorting which started back in 1947…

LDH (La Doria)

distribution center

With over 60 years’ experience supplying the major UK supermarkets with products British shoppers love, LDH is recognised as the leading Own Label supplier of a wide range of ambient foods, sourced from every corner of the world…

Chelmer Foods

distribution center

Established in 1992, Chelmer Foods is a family owned & run company that sources dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and pulses from over 25 countries worldwide. Supplying into cereal manufacturers, bakeries, snack food packers / processors…


UK’s top Supermarket chains

Plus, with the UK being one of the most important countries for nut and dried fruit consumption, the trip will also include a visit to some of the UK’s most important supermarket chains to see how the products are marketed to Britain’s consumers.


international negotiation skills

Kandarp Mehta, Prof. Negotiation and Entrepreneurship, Senior Lecturer, IESE Business School

Last but definitely not least, attendees will also take part in a lecture on international negotiation skills led by Prof. Kandarp Mehta, from the award-winning IESE Business School. The lecture will encourage active participation to give attendees the opportunity to engage with the lecturer for an interactive learning experience.


Miquel Lladó, Prof. Strategic Management & Leadership, Senior Lecturer, IESE Business School

Miquel Lladó is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Strategic Management of the IESE Business School and visiting professor in other Business Schools in Europe and the United States. He holds an Advanced Degree in Economics and Business from the University of Barcelona.

international negotiation skills

Kandarp Mehta, Prof. Negotiation and Entrepreneurship, Senior Lecturer, IESE Business School

Kandarp Mehta is a senior lecturer in the Entrepreneurship Department and the Negotiation Unit at IESE Business School, Barcelona. He is a PhD from IESE Business School, Barcelona and is a recipient of DRRC advisory fellowship from Kellogg School of Management.

On-site Schedule

View the preliminary program for the onsite course

Sat, May 7, Italy


Visits to orchards (walnuts): 
Maurizio Cervone


Visits to orchards

Welcome cocktail 
& dinner

Sun, May 8, Italy

Case Studies:
Strategy and Leadership. Prof. Miquel Lladó, IESE Business School


Case Studies:
Prof. Kandarp Mehta, IESE Business School

Mon, May 9, Italy

Visit to 
processing plant: 
Italiana Confetti


Visit to 
processing plant: 
Besana Group

Wed, May 11, Dubai

Optional visit and tour of the Port of Jebel Ali, Dubai

Fri, May 13, Dubai

Certificate presentation & cocktail reception for alumni, Dubai

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